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It's still a beautiful world mushroom 2

It’s (still) a Beautiful World 2015Spiro GraceArt Rooms


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Catherine Parker exhibits nationally and internationally. In 2012 Parker was invited by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ) to exhibit with fellow artist and collaborator Kamal Swami, in New Delhi, India to celebrate 20 Years of cultural exchange between India and Australia, followed by its showing in Melbourne at RMIT Gallery and in Canberra at the The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.Catherine was a finalist in the 2008 and 2011 Blake Prize, as well the Blake Prize Directors cut in 2014. In 2013 she exhibited a collaborative exhibition of works with Indian artist, Kamal Swami (Jaisalmer) at SGAR Spiro Grace Art Rooms , Brisbane Australia and in 2015, also at SGAR a solo exhibition It’s (still) a Beautiful World. She continues to paint, teach and travel to deepen her life experience as an artist..Catherine has taught for many years and is passionate at sharing her skills and experience.

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