Magnetic Island Winter Art Retreat: July (dates tbc) 2015

Magnetic Island Winter Art Retreat Nth Qld: July school holidays 2015 – dates tbc

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Magnetic Island Inner Earth 1 ( acrylic on MDF wood – 15 x 25cm)  
from the exhibition:  
Collectibles SGAR | Spiro Grace Art Rooms and visit for artist profile


Three days of painting and mixed media on Magnetic Island surrounded by the beautiful mountains and tropical waters of the Coral Sea in far Nth Qld..Divine! A combination of workshops and painting on location…scroll to bottom for  material list We will be creating a series of works on paper; MDF wood and canvas using acrylics, gouache; ink and assorted mixed media materials..including local materials.. My approach to landscape is part abstract, part literal and intuitive…one must ‘feel’ the land before approaching it in paint..It is absolutely your choice how you interpret it but always it comes back to balancing head and heart and being present with the forces around you, the colours, light, the bird sounds, trees and all the other elementals in nature We will also paint a night scene depending on the light..                            

The Facts Two thirds of Magnetic Island is national park with plenty of wild life. There are lovely walking tracks, secluded beaches including safe swimming beaches for children. It is 25 mins by ferry from Townsville and 15 mins to the ferry from the airport so easily accessible. Accommodation ranges from self contained to backpackers. The average temp at this time of the year is: 25 – 28c Magnetic Island is ideal for families, small children or solo – it is a very magical place and has inspired me creatively for years..when I am there I am totally rejuvenated..the paintings I have made whilst on the island have been the basis for many ongoing series of paintings and as studies for larger paintings once back in my home studio..

  • Suitable for all artists and PD components for Art Educators

Cost:  $290 Ph:  0400 991 710

e: Artist profile

We will have access to cafes for lunch or you can bring your own – there is a large supermarket and small convenience stores with good quality food available v  Public transport around the island is excellent or you can hire a Mini Moke or soft top car!! They are fun…

Material List – 

As most of you will be flying in, please consider this an opportunity to make studies and complete small works that are portable

  •  3 Canvases – small – large – your choice of exact size in terms of what you can carry
  • 1 sheet of hot pressed drawing paper  approx 165 – 250 gsm– any brand
  • 3 – 6 Prepared pieces of MDF wood (from the hardware)– please prepare before you arrive – ie a lick of house or ceiling or artist quality gesso paint and sand – approx 15 x 25/30 x 30 cm and other odd sizes would be great – say half this size – please, these do not have to be exactly this size!
  • Acrylic paint tubes – cadmium red, cad yellow, purple, white, black, Australian Sienna and Australian Sky Blue, pthalo blue and pthalo green and any other colours you have
  • Molotow or liquitex paint pens..some fluro – you will need to google the closest art supplies for these or go online as they are not always readily avail but are just so awesome…amd great as they are portable
  • Inks – a few different colours – can be red, yellow, green, blue etc – you can decant these if you wish into eye stopper bottles that you can purchase from the chemist
  • Soft synthetic and bristle brushes – various sizes from fine – to large and please include a rigger brush
  • coloured pencils, markers, gouache, watercolour paints – if you have, otherwise just the above acrylics
  • Sketchbook
  • pencils, textas, ruler, masking tape, rags for paintbrush, small spray bottle, container for water – can cut a drink bottle down once you arrive,

Some  art materials can be purchased from the newsagent on the island Recommended Source Material  Please bring:  and apart from the list below, be intuitive and bring the first things that come to mind… Apart from accessing the local landscape, we will also explore weaving other landscapes into our work – a kind of parallel world, so you may want to consider bringing – Images of landscape – both literal, symbolic, metaphorical, or from magazines, art journals, books, personal travels; sky scapes; cosmic scapes; old maps etc that you are drawn to; Artist reproductions whom you admire and so on. We will be approaching landscape from all different angles – literal, symbolic, abstract and expressive – so please be prepared to experiment. Please also bring a photocopied image of yourself etc

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