These are currently being updated with COVID requirements

Please note: The next Art program to ODISHA in October 2023 requires you to be of reasonable fitness due to the ‘off the beaten track’ nature where our 4 wheel drive vehicles will be left off site in order to enjoy nature and small village interaction or in some cases, will be unable to enter due to road conditions

Accommodation is from basic to lush and may not suit your level of preferred comfort – this is the pay off for being in less touristed locations – we will not be able to pick and choose hotels as there is no other choice! Therefore, a level of flexibility is required as well as an open mind and heart – if you can go with the flow the rewards are priceless…

Food is delicious and all home cooked – vegetarian is available as is the usual case anyhow in India – gluten free may not always be available so please bring your own snacks

The cooking in small villages and on location is intrinsic to each region so please be appreciative of the regional specialties

These adventure Art tours to India are beautiful, thought provoking and designed for those who like to be personally and creatively challenged.

Designed especially for artists: not so much a ‘holiday’ but total creative, cultural and spiritual immersion. They are social, joyful and interactive; we take time to engage with the locals and visit of the beaten track villages. We visit artisans from time worn traditions, passed down from generation to generation – from weavers to potters to block printers. Our patronage supports their longevity and welfare. The Art making schedule is designed to utilize each unique environment. Self initiated journal work after hours will greatly enrich your creative experience and productivity.

The Art Tour combines on site painting/mixed media workshops in old palaces and crumbling forts; observational street drawing; collaborations with the ‘locals’ and personal challenges suitable for any committed artist – (you will have space and free time to explore)

Itinerary subject to change

Although our tours are suitable for artists of all disciplines we request artists have some prior knowledge of painting/mixed media and if a bit rusty, consider attending a painting – mixed media workshop prior to the tour to make the most of this special opportunity –

Art Educators – special components are suitable as professional development tools – approx 35 hours of PD minimum with certificate issued upon completion of tour

Please email me for a more comprehensive itinerary at

Please note: the intellectual property of these itineraries belong to CATHERINE PARKER ART TOURS

Frequently asked Q’s 

Who can come?

Practising Artists of all disciplines

Do I need to be a professional artist?

The answer is no, however, I do recommend doing a weekend workshop in painting/mixed media prior to coming and this is particularly useful if you come from other art disciplines or have not painted before.

What kind of Art do we make?

We make small, portable works on paper, in concertina Artist Book format and leisurely work in our visual diary, some like to concentrate on photography..we combine workshops  in our heritage hotel gardens, along with on site observational drawings combined with small gouache, watercolour and mixed media works. Where possible, we also use natural pigments..

This is not a ‘how to paint and draw’ workshop tour, rather an opportunity to receive artistic guidance and see with fresh eyes. Nor is it expected that you will draw or paint exactly what you pressure to perform is hoped that you will simply enjoy being in the moment and create what you feel rather than what you think..

I am not a painter or drawer but I love taking photos..can I still participate?

Yes, you are not locked in

Is there an age restriction?

 Not as such but if over 70 I require a medical certificate:  unless you are in good health, fit and robust – see ‘health Issues” beneath.

Please note that we are often far away from medical facilities – in your own interests and those of the group please think carefully before signing up if you have health issues that may impinge your participation


The best thing you can do to protect your health is to prepare yourself well!

We don’t expect you to be a super woman or man! However, please take into account that we are travelling to a 3rd world country and the conditions are different – the roads can be rough, the journeys long and walking on uneven steps, high palace ramparts  may be challenging  – it is expected that you are prepared and bring what ever level of comfort you require to make the journey comfortable for you eg cushions,  comfortable shoes etc and especially a good sense of humour and patience to boot! Whatever tour you are on in India, whether it is 5 star; 3 star etc travel conditions are the same, although of course, activities are different and we are more adventure than soft travel – although for the most part travel is in our comfortable air con mini bus – the adventure part might be a camel ride, walking in a village…we like to view the travel as a wonderful insight into the country. We stop for lunch and chai (tea ) stops as well and this is factored into the overall travel time between destinations and for the most part, the travel is an opportunity to reflect, draw and take it all in

Some of the potential difficulties when travelling are:

  • Pollution

Pollution is the main factor so if you suffer any kind of lung issue or are prone to asthma please consider this..

  • Structural and joints
  • We travel by road in vehicles – both car and bus- the journeys are long 6 – 8 hrs (wonderful landscape movies!)  and some would say it is ‘adventure’ travel – we stop for lunch and chai (tea) and this is factored into the overall travel time
  • If you have difficulty with long travel trips, get swollen ankles, headaches please come prepared
  • If you think you might be the grumpy type after 6-8 hrs ask yourself if your body and spirit is prepared for the journey..
  • A positive attitude: personally, I love the long journeys in India and find it a an inspiring, reflective time to look at the landscape, the women in brightly clad saris balancing brass pots, picking mustard or chillies in the fields, the nomads with their herds, bullocks, jingle jangle trucks with their musical is a keleidoscopic artist wonderland! And a chance to make bumpy bus art!
  • Can my partner come? He/she is not an ‘Artist’

 Your partner can come, provided they are interested or at least open to making Art  – historically the only issues we have ever encountered are from those who do not participate in the art program…the participation creates a collective focus and builds an exciting dynamic

What do we do when we are there?

We make ART, we eat, we visit traditonal artisans..we even have an opportunity to have a woodblock made from our own artwork ….and we have lots of fun in a joyful, supportive environment. It is like being with our very own Indian Partridge family!

These Sketchbook Art Tours are excellent for immersing ones creative and spiritual self into a culture that values highly these attributes, indeed they are considered vital to survival, nurturing the spirit beyond the material.  The impact is rich and the creative outcomes deeply rewarding. Along with visiting traditional artisans, from painters, weavers, woodblock printers to potters, each day is dedicated to making artwork; from small, portable works on paper, to working in concertina artist book format.  Some prefer to take photos – there are no rules and you do not have to be a professional artist to participate. 

The aim also, for many of the artists who participate, is to use the experience as a stepping stone to further develop their artwork once home in their studio as well as developing new bodies of work. For others, it is an opportunity to travel to a third world culture, a deeply profound experience that can be potentially life changing.  India is a country that despite its poverty is full of rich and ancient culture and not adverse to the odd celebration! Life at times appears to be in constant celebration with ongoing festivals, Bollywood extravaganza weddings and street theatre.


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