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I am an Australian professional artist, Educator and facilitator with a Batchelor of Education in Visual Arts. I have been actively conducting unique Art tours/programs/residencies to India since 2009. I first arrived to India in 2005 as an ‘Artist in Residence’ in New Delhi. Upon completion I travelled to Ladakh, far north Himalayas where, inspired by the landscape, culture and people I began painting using a simple set of watercolours and sketchbook. I became totally addicted to this simple form of portable art making, returning year after year for months at a time to paint and sketch in many parts of India. This ability to create makeshift studios and travel with a portable art kit soon morphed into taking art groups. I have mostly travelled solo and have enjoyed every challenge and kindness displayed to me.

After nearly 30 journeys to India, I remain as excited and passionate as the first time I arrived in 2005. I have artists who return again and again – testament to my impeccable service based on 15 years of love, integrity and hard work. I often spend years researching to deliver the best itineraries. They are specialised, based on the uniqueness of the artists’ mind and sensitivity

discover.com gwaliorPublication: Guest Editor for Indian based magazine Discover.com/Gwalior/Madhya Pradesh 2018

2023 – Sketchbook ODISHA

Bring on 2023 for the next exciting installment of Sketchbook India!!!

It’s been a while since returning with a group of creatives to Mother India. Let’s begin afresh with open hearts and minds. This tour is a SLOW PACE humble village sketchbook tour – more like an Art camp. Connecting deeply to the earth and the simplicity of village life, we will be based primarily in 2 locations and from here make day trips to inspire your art making. This program has the usual flourishes – off track to remote places requiring 4 Wheel Drives, most meals and always surprises not possible to list…

Due to some of the off road locations, a level of fitness is required as we will be walking into villages rather than take a vehicle.

Accommodation ranges from basic to lush. Due to the remoteness, your level of comfort may vary. A good temperament is required as we accept the conditions to visit these less touristed locations…in Desia Kond high in the mountains, we utilise a bush camp that has adobe huts and well equipped tents…..we think it’s beautiful and there are no other hotels available….are you able to go with the flow?

If so, embrace the opportunity to visit traditional artisans from potters to weavers and sacred temples

Please contact me if you would like to be placed on the waiting list

💚 Catherine X

Please note: the intellectual property of these itineraries and content belong to CATHERINE PARKER ART TOURS

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My philosophy – Integrity and impeccable research is the key 

As lead artist and organiser I have special creative control in the planning and am responsible for the quality and the meticulous research required to support artists for these unique ART tours.

The quality and inspiration that I would like is then applied across all areas from the Art programme, to the quality accommodation, from classic heritage, including Raj Palaces to authentic village experiences where you will meet very few tourists…all are imbued with character suitable for creatives but never compromising on comfort


I have a body of trusted friends and colleagues who support our journey from transfers to special meals and off the beaten track forays and insights.

These tours are deeply personal, adventurous and full of cultural immersion. And we are flexible. If something doesn’t feel right on the day then we are open to change. We have a schedule but we are fluid and work according to the dynamics of each particular groups needs

The tours are fully escorted + safe with treats that you will not find on any other tour

Previous tours to ODISHA – The ‘soul’ of India – March 1 – 14 2020

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below: portable sketchbook works by Catherine Parker, Leanne Bray (on her third Art Tour with me!) Kate Humphreys as well as examples of traditional Patta Chitra and Palm Leaf scroll paintings

Below: Gotipua Dancers – an ancient form of dance from Odisha – please play!!

I’d love to see you on this special journey that has taken 5 years to research and lovingly put together. Every time I depart the state of Odisha, east coast india, I cry…it’s a beautiful, humble state. The people are very connected to nature. Odisha has the largest tribal pop in India – 62 tribal groups. This tour will take us to some of their locations + colourful markets.

We will be visiting weavers, potters and painters as well as interacting with local village groups to learn how to make rice paintings and garlands.

Patta Chitra paintings – an ancient form of devotional work

An inspiring ART program in harmony with the people and locations….want to know more? Please email me for an itinerary and costs..

email: catherineparkerarttours@gmail.com

Artwork: mixed media in concertina format in handmade journal by Catherine Parker

India has inspired me since 2005 where I have returned each year to paint and draw and be inspired by the beauty and candour of the people, the vibrancy of the culture, colours, arts and crafts, festivals, food, music and spirituality.

I am so excited to share this experience with you and hope you experience as much joy and creativity as I have over the years. These adventure Art tours  have been beautifully prepared, are thought provoking and designed for those who like to be personally and creatively challenged

We can also tailor make progams according to your needs – just ask – we have in depth knowledge and inspiring ideas to give you a unique experience

Thank you for visiting Catherine Parker Art Tours!