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Sketchbook India + Textiles – Gujarat

October 12 – 25 2014

Please join us as we pilot this very first tour to Gujarat to experience the tribal textiles. Combine this with your portable sketchbook and you have covered all bases!

Contemporary Painting and mixed workshop program in India, incorporating beautiful textiles from the many tribal groups in Gujarat along with stunning architectural structures, step wells, temples and coastal sojourns including the  Portugese infused town of Diu.

Booking: $  3340 Includes twin share accommodation; all breakfasts; ac minibus transport; transfer to and from airport; guide fees and entrance fees to all scheduled monuments/locations and sketchbook guidance/ tuition 

Single supplement: $ 650  International flights are not included  Places are limited to 10 people .

Contact: Should you be interested please contact me on:  email: Phone: (0061) 7 4637 8840/ M: 0400 991 710 The Art Tour combines on site painting/mixed media workshops, observational street drawing; collaborations with the ‘locals’ and personal challenges suitable for any committed artist – (you will have space and free time to explore)


gujarat artist 1Create a wonderful embellished sketchbook of observational drawings and paintings combined with textile collages of stitches, mirrors and threads, or if you are a photographer be enriched by the stunning environment and culture

kutch embroidery Discover the beautiful textiles belonging to the many tribal groups of the Kutch region of Gujurat, Western India. Bath in the stunning colours, ornately embroidered fabrics replete with symbols, mirrors and threads of countless designs.  Create a stunning Art journal filled with your observations, fabric designs and natural pigments. Bath in the vast landscapes of this famed nomadic region where many of the different tribal groups migrated from neighboring regions and countries – Persia, Pakistan, Rajasthan and parts of Europe. Gujarat is also the birthplace of Gandhi.

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This Art Tour is  beautifully balanced. A mixture of sketchbook observations, workshops and visits to village communities to experience the unique regional textiles of the Banni villages, famous for their exquisite handicrafts, including embroidery, mirror and unusual stitch work, painting on cloth and traditional pottery.

May this tour assist with the emergence of your inner gypsy artist!

 As well as the arts and crafts we feel that any Art tour needs a well balanced and rounded view of Indian creativity as expressed architecturally and spiritually. We will visit key temples, palaces and step wells. Our tour will also take in the coastal towns of Mandvi and the Portuguese infused opportunity for reflection and independent sketching and painting 

Arrival + Departure: International airport to fly into: Ahmedabad

Art Educators – special components are suitable as professional development tools – approx 35 hours of PD minimum with certificate issued upon completion of tour gujarat map1

The Facts: Gujarat is situated on the North West Coast of India. Said to be more than 5000 years old it contains major sites belonging to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. The people of Gujarat – the Gurjars, are traditionally sun worshippers – followers of the sun God Surya. With a maritime history dating back 2000 years it is considered the maritime gateway to India with historical accounts dating back to the Greeks, the Persians and Muslims. Mahatma Gandhi, who led India to independence and taught through non violence was born here in 1869. Gandhi was also a passionate supporter of upholding the traditional arts and crafts as fundamental to human development. Home to many different tribal groups  – nearly 30  – they are mainly farmers  (cattle; camels, agriculture). The tribal groups are divided into different  territorial divisions and are referred to as Jats (people). References in ancient texts and traditional oral accounts suggest they may have migrated from Greece and arrived in India through Germany, Italy, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Sindh in Pakistan. Jats in Kutch are divided into three sub clans – Dhaneta Jats who are settled cow herders, Garasia Jat who are settled farmers and Fakirani Jats who are nomads.  Shy by nature we request absolute respect and discretion when photographing. If in doubt trust your intuition and ask if need be. In conjunction with Kamlesh Vyas + Catherine Parker Art Tours we are delighted to offer this new tour and hope you can join us!

Warm regards,  x Catherine                                                                                       M: +61 400 991 710 Hm: +61 7 4637 8840

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