Odisha 2020

It’s been a while since returning with a group of creatives to Mother India – let’s begin afresh with open hearts and minds. This tour is a SLOW PACE humble village sketchbook tour – more like an Art camp. Connecting deeply to the earth and the simplicity of village life, we will be based primarily in 3 locations and from here make day trips to inspire your art making. This program has the usual flourishes – off track to remote places requiring 4 Wheel Drives.

Due to the remote locations, a level of fitness is required as we will be walking into villages rather than take a vehicle.

Accommodation ranges from basic to lush. Due to the remoteness, your level of comfort may vary. A good temperament is required as we accept the conditions to visit these less touristed locations…in Desia Kond high in the mountains, we utilise a bush camp that has adobe huts and well equipped tents…..we think it’s beautiful and there are no other hotels available….are you able to go with the flow?

If so, embrace the opportunity to visit traditional artisans from potters to weavers and sacred temples in this very special part of India known as ‘the soul of India’

Sketchbook Odisha ✍🏼 Details tbc soon!

Please contact me if you would like to be placed on the waiting list

x Catherine x